• ClientAfriSam Cement
  • AgencyPromise Agency
  • Year2019
  • RoleSenior Conceptual Art Director
  • SkillsPhotography | Design | Adobe CC
  • Awards Silver Muse Creative Award 2020
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The Brief

AfriSam is a leading supplier of superior quality construction materials and technical solutions such as cement, aggregate and ready-mix concrete in South Africa. Every year AfriSam showcases the most recent projects that use their cement through a set of specially designed Stationery to their suppliers and customers. The Connections Between. This year is all about the humanness that these buildings allow, as well as the connection and moments happening within them. Each month is a collage of different angles of the projects which is both completed and still in progress. The typography is custom designed for each month which links to the over all theme. The calendar is a visual walkthrough starting early in the morning with inner dialogues of the feeling one would feel between the form and function of each project. Set against backdrops of urban jungles, buildings act as the architectural structures where our endless imaginations are nurtured. These concrete walls are not designed to confine, but rather to express our ambitions purposefully. The connection between the function of our intentions and the moments of our humanity remind us that, in the grander scheme of life itself, function doesn’t always follow form – but rather that the one is born of the other.


This project extented into various elements that can be viewed here.

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